A native of Northern Virginia, Melynda started riding horses at the age of eight, and chose the horse business as a career because it was always a great love of hers. Acquiring the farm, now known as "Century Manor Farm" because of its house built over a hundred years ago, was her life's dream.


Melynda has shown successfully for more than 25 years. She has been teaching the equestrian arts since 1985, specializing in the Hunters and Equitation, but also teaches the "Balance Seat" and lower levels of Dressage.


As an active breeder of horses, Melynda has an advantage in equine expertise. She not only cares for and works with the mares, she also helps to deliver the foals and starts their training as they take their first breath. She has trained horses of all types, helping to start them, and in the process, trains their new owners in horsemanship as well.


Melynda has been coaching individuals and equestrian teams since 2002, bringing home titles from NCEL, NCSSEL and IEA.

On your own horse

One hour private - $65

1/2 hour private - $45

Semiprivate - $50

on a school horse

One hour private - $70

1/2 hour private - $50

Semiprivate - $55

Show services


Coaching at shows on your own horse - $65

Coaching at shows on a school horse - $70 with an additional $15 per division not including Equitation.

Transportation to show -Subject to show specifics

Braiding mane - $55

Braiding tail - $35


Fee for use of school horse for showing - $50

Rated shows and championship show $100 per day plus $25 for Equitation classes.


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